Equal opportunities - also in competitions...?

Eleff editorial board 0 24-04-2020

Suppose you are competing in a running competition, and one of the competitors is the sprinter Yossain Bolt. Maybe for a moment you will enjoy the thought of running alongside with him (and mostly far behind him) but you won't really believe that you have any chance of winning.
In order to motivate you to participate and compete, you need to know that you and every other competitor have a true chance of winning.
Competition should be fair.
Good competition is created when every competitor has fair opportunity to win .If this principle is not applied, competitors will not make the effort to win and fully engage 
Fair does not mean easy.
For example,In 2013, we ran three activities for the retail division of a leading bank in Israel. Each activity lasting 7-11 weeks has 2-4 heats (a heat is 2-3 weeks within the total activity period).At the end of each heat, the winning branches was declared, and at the end of the activity the branches with the highest total score off all heats declared as the champion.Prizes are awarded to winners in the top three places - in each of the heats and the Champions' contest.

Of the approximately 260 participating branches - 243 branches awarded prizes during that year. This is an unprecedented 94% engagement !
However, this is not an easy competition because only 8% of the branches succeeded to win two activities a year, and only 1% (!) win all three activities.
Finally, the ELEFF' method create platform of which any given unit in every branch competes in multiple competitions (up to 4-6 products or services). Therefore branch with 3-4 units competes in 14-17 competitions simultaneously and in order to win have to be better than all others branches in his group.

In conclusion, ELEFF' competition, motivate employees and managers to achieve constant improvement in their selling' ability and skill .

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