Social / organizational recognition as a major reward

Eleff editorial board 0 13-12-2019

The ELEFF method is based on using social recognition as a major reward method in addition to the financial reward method.
The willingness of the employee to make an effort in return for financial payment is limited and mainly effective in the short term. When it comes to a long and significant effort, the financial value is ineffective, in contrast to whwt many think.
For example, workers who risk their lives, such as the police force and the fire department or even soldiers, do so because of the high social recognition associated with these professions despite the small financial rewards with respect to the high personal cost.
In the ELEFF Method, the Company's management plays an important role in the success of the activity through the use of social / organizational recognition as the main instrument for fostering the activities of the outstanding employees.It turns out that this recognition is the central pillar that works primarily on middle-level managers (branch / department) .
These managers are the connecting link betweenthe company's management and employees 'and therefore, enable them to operate more quickly and efficiently, than when there is no ELEFF's activity.

​How can we motivate most managers? Every retail chain is based on hundreds of managers, where only a few are successful and charismatic that quickly promoted.This leaves us, over time, with the least good. These executives carry the company's major business burden, with most of their careers not experiencing success or social recognition for their importance. The ELEFF method creates new opportunities for them to change this situation ... How does this happen and what is the required value?
How ELEFF method create competition' flatform with 94% engagment all year long !!!
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