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Competition  is an activity that is detached from the immediate subsistence of existence and causes pleasure

The conditions for holding an effective competition are:
 > Clear and defined rules
 > Free choice and voluntary participation by any of the players, without any enforcement.
 > Determines a timeframe with a defined start and end point
 > Determination of the physical space is defined where the game takes place.

Success in business gamification requires:
 * Manifesation of ability and skill (as opposed to luck and chance).
 * Collaboration between the players in the team.
 * High commitment
 * Highly motivated employees to meet challenges.
 * Learning ability
 * Resistant ability to stress and crises

The emotional and social rewards are so significant that the employees are ready and willing to go through the process every time.
Gradually, employee engagement reaches up to 92%.

​How can we motivate most managers? Every retail chain is based on hundreds of managers, where only a few are successful and charismatic that quickly promoted.This leaves us, over time, with the least good. These executives carry the company's major business burden, with most of their careers not experiencing success or social recognition for their importance. The ELEFF method creates new opportunities for them to change this situation ... How does this happen and what is the required value?
How ELEFF method create competition' flatform with 94% engagment all year long !!!
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