Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Eleff editorial board 0 13-12-2019


Business results are higher than the industry average, in the areas measured in the competitions

Adopting new efficient methods as a result of locating branches with exceptional achievements

Improving employee skills due to high motivation and informal training procedures by skilled workers

Reducing the need for centralized management

Increased employee satisfaction from the workplace - the high energy that bursts during the competition affects the level of identification of employees with  the staff/unit/branch/workplace

High level of interest from work - the ability to design activity in various "packages" and the combination of new products/services increase the curiosity and interest of employees, even if the work is relatively mundane

The intensity of the sense of belonging to the group - satisfaction and high level of commitment as a result of the strength that exists in the group

Management Challenges - The intensity of many competitions throughout the year gives managers significant challenges

A change in perception among the employees about meeting the challenges - a multitude of intensive competitions over the years leads the workers to formulate self-perception as highly capable and preparedness to deal with significant challenges (recognition as a company with competitive "DNA")


Failure to observe procedures - as a result of a strong desire to win, some employees tend to act contrary to work procedures, which requires increased attention

Lack of focus in other areas - during the activity there is a significant focus in the areas measured, so there is a fear of relatively low performance in other areas

Higher turnover of managers - Due to the intensity of activities and the lack of recognition of managers with low competitive achievements over time, these managers tend to look for other roles


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