Why Gamification?

Eleff editorial board 4 13-12-2019

Gamification began to play a part in the business world in the mid-1970's during a conceptual shift in which the focus moved from the efficiency of production processes towards the user experience on the customer's side. The use of gamification represents the desire to give the user, both as a customer and as an employee, the feeling of satisfaction and personal involvement from/in the product or the work process.

In the early 2000's, the process of integrating gamification began as a tool to increase users' involvement in websites and the web applications. As a result of the considerable success of this new method, companies began to make efforts to use it as a means of managing employees, especially during  on-the-job training and skill acquirmement.  Employers who used a gamification to increase employee productivity did so mainly at call-centers, where the competition was based on meeting sales target on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The use of gamification to increase productivity vis-à-vis working groups (i.e. teams, branches, stores) is not widespread, although its effectiveness is much higher than on the individual level. 

The difficulty in applying these methods in companies is due to serveral reasons:
  • The desire for full management control of employees through means of remuneration for meeting targets and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) versus "open" competition in which the control "passes" more to employees. 
  • The need to specialize in competitive measurements, in order to increase the competitive effectiveness.
  • Changing the focus from personal compensation to group compensation, especially in sales. 
We at ELEFF have extensive experience in providing and introducing sales mechanisms, and implementing and operating work mehods. We are able to increase the motivation of employees at all levels and achieve business goals over time in the most effective manner possible.

​How can we motivate most managers? Every retail chain is based on hundreds of managers, where only a few are successful and charismatic that quickly promoted.This leaves us, over time, with the least good. These executives carry the company's major business burden, with most of their careers not experiencing success or social recognition for their importance. The ELEFF method creates new opportunities for them to change this situation ... How does this happen and what is the required value?
How ELEFF method create competition' flatform with 94% engagment all year long !!!
The ELEFF method is based on using social recognition as a major reward method in addition to the financial reward method.
The willingness of the employee to make an effort in return for financial payment is limited and mainly effective in the short term. When it comes to a long and significant effort..
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