Efrat L. | Sales Manager (formerly), Retail Banking Division, Bank Hapoalim

As a sales manager for Bank Hapoalim and the Sharon region, I would be happy to recommend Erez Budniatzky as an expert to any company/organization/ business, with exceptional professionalism and creativity, with a business vision for developing methods to motivate employees and achieve significant results and buisness achievements.

Ophir O. | Sales Manager (formerly), Retail Banking Division, Bank Hapoalim
In my experience as the sales manager of Bank Hapoalim for four years and as sales manager for the Negev and Central Regions, I would like to recommend Erez Budniatzky, who has developed and managed a unique method to motivate Bank Hapoalim employees. The system has many notable advantages that can significantly contribute to the profitability of any company:
Significant improvement in performance compared with current operations
Ability to simultaneously motivate a large number of branches and employees
"Smart" integration of a variety of products and services according to business needs
Maintaining with the employees a high competitive level over time
Excellent connection to the various management levels and the supply of excellent triggers to motivate
Providing differential compensation for a large number of employees according to the level of achievement
This method, which was implemented at the bank for more than ten years, together with Erez's careful management, enabled me as a sales manager to meet challenging targets throughout the period and to establish the status of the retail banking of Bank Hapoalim as the leading bank. I warmly recommend Erez Budniatzky and his method.
Naama Z.K. | Regional Manager, Bank Hapoalim

For over 15 years, as a regional manager in the north and in Haifa and as a sales manager, I highly recommend Erez Budniaksky and his method. 

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