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A new method of converting everyday activities into games.
In the business world, we measure the employees' actions (i.e. in sales, warehouse operation, or customer care) and convert it into a score in games and competitions.

Over 40 competitions of two/three-months  in 16 years engaging 5,000 players in over 240 bank branches.

The activities included a wide range of topics - competitions, including core products, introduction of new products / services, recruitment of new customers, streamlining of operations, deepening of existing operations, and ongoing operation of processes and work procedures

Our expertise is in motivating employees by using motifs from the gaming world, which require large groups of people. So the business our solutions work for employ at least 500 people, and are with computerized information system/central data base.

Integrating and activating the method depend on several components, such as: the size of the company and number of employees, the amount of products/services that are being measured in the activity, the hierarchy structure, the existing measuring systems and their utilization frequency, the characteristics of the existing motivation tolls.

The acceptable monthly employee's reward cost is about 0.8%-1.5% from the average wage costs. As for us, our profit depends on your profit! Only after we accomplished the business goals we set together we start seeing profits.

Of course, there are companies with internal communication system (like an organization portal) that can be utilized to manage the competitive activity and publish the daily results.

For such companies we will be happy to offer consulting packages that include planning games and accompanying their implementation.


The method doesn’t require any structural/organizational change in the work processes, but rather managerial focus and HQ involvement in the activity, to reinforce the new addition to everyday work procedures


Our method is an additional powerful tool to motivate the employees by activating the game mechanism and competition

It is recommended that personal and/or group reward should be incorporated into the competition activity, but there may be occasions where the social reward such as a trophy/certificate/medal can be used as the base for recognition of outstanding employees.
The process of building the competition's platform and assimilating the Company's operations includes several stages:
>We will perform an profound analysis using advanced analysis tools for the company's operations and units
>We set with you the characteristics of the game, the measurements and the method of compensation
>We will accompany you during the launch, activity, control and conclusions at the conclusion
>We will make preparations and adjustments for the next activity
The Company will receive in advance an orderly set of guidelines and recommendations for action according to the stages of progress of the activityThis framework shall include an orderly schedule of actions that the Company's headquarters shall be required to perform, like:
>Management approval for the activity and budget of the remuneration
>The manner of launching the activity to employees
>Appointment of a team responsible for operating the activity
>Producing regulations for activity and obtaining legal approval (if required)
>Means for activating activity and how to use them
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