With Eleff Everybody Wins - The Employees and the Managers


The platform and application of the layered competition constitute a very powerful business leverage for any business.
The gameplay pattern creates an actual everyday reality for employees, through which work becomes a pleasure in competition.
Each employee feels their personal contribution to the achievements of the group, staff, branch or store.
We can design the platform for any business and any target, product or service, which gives endless possibilities to be innovative and original, thus maintaining a high energy level of all players (employees) over many years.

The layered competition is suitable for large businesses (50 branches or more and / or 500 employees or more), and usually lasts about nine months.
The period of time the competition is built and adapted to the company depends on several factors and varies accordingly. It usually lasts about two to three months before operating.

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After analyzing your business, we at Eleff will build personalized games for you to improve your achievements and maximize your employees' abilities - in a fun, enriching and effective way.
Within three months we will be able to launch your first competitive activity, which will simultaneously employ all employees to achieve growth and business goals
Contact us today to arrange an introductory meeting.

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Web application

ELEFFBoard is our online game board. It allows each employee/manager who participating in the game to keep up with their position in competitions, their performance and how much is required of them to improve their in the table on the way to the first place

The interface is simple and easy to operate, accessible from any device (personal computer, tablet or smartphone) so that each player will feel a stronger connection to the competition and the desire to win will prevail

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Fit to platform

These are the conditions that allow us to implement the platform and have effective competition:

At least 200+ employees or 50+ branches / stores
Central computer system
Maintain an active information system that includes performance/operation/ success indicators

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