Turn work into a game and the employees into competitors... Everyone enjoy and the business benefits!
ELEFF provides a unique product - a competitive platform of games to motivate employees while setting aside the need for other motivation methods.
Our method will improve your staff's performance through fun competition and the aspiration to win. 
8%-13% YBY sales growth rate with 94% employees' engagement!
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Your business decides what products and services to focus on
ELEF- Business Gamification
In each competition activity, a number of products and services can be combined, for which the employees will compete in.
It is recommended to choose a number of key issues that are the business growth leverages - for example, customer recruitment, app integration, sales of a leading product, etc.
We adjust the measurement of these topics to the business work procedures and the structure and needs of the competition.
Select products and services
The scoring motivates action
ELEF- Business Gamification
Each product / service receives a score that expresses its business importance.
Each competitor can achieve a maximum of 1,000 points, depending on his achievements in the various competitions.
Each competitor is matched by a competition group
ELEF- Business Gamification
We believe in teamwork, so most of the competitions are at the team / unit / branch / shop level.
We build a competitive profile for each competitor, including abilities and future potential in each subject measured in the competition.
Depending on this profile, a competition group is matched, so each competitor has an equal chance of winning each and every competition.
For every company we will determine a period and structure adapted to it industry and business needs
ELEF- Business Gamification
The common period of activity is about 3 months and consists of 3 one-month heats.
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